save the earth!

13 Jul

yeah save the earth reduce reuse recycle. keep watching those darn commercials OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN until i lyk woohoooo happy time! lalalalala! BAH o.0

reduce and reuse i understand and definitely noe how to do.

but recycle? tell me, what you mean by recycle? i have practically zero knowledge of where to go to recycle my things? if recycling is so emphasized, stop just showing the commercial only and start to help us. do we even have a recycling plant or something? where isit?

why cant you guys just replace all the rubbish bins with recycling bins? wouldn’t that solve the problem? why place only a few at selected places? u expect me to go to the ZOO just to recycle lyk say.. a plastic bottle?!

this is just a classic case of say care but actually is just bo chup siao.

must be because recycling is just too expensive to invest in, thats why nobody is interested in it. or maybe there’s some sort of conspiracy! other thn this two reasons, i seriously see no other reasons why cannot fully implement recycling as part of our lives.

stop telling us to recycle things when in the first place, you don provide the necessary guidance and help, as long as i can find a rubbish bin conveniently, then in goes my rubbish. period.

‘if you be goodddddd!’ (i just agar agar the lyrics according to what i hear, cause i oso donnoe what the hell the girl is singing whenever the commercial comes up)

and yes, notice i don blog often now, cause ar, my com ar, got tai chi. but first!

i got a xpertvision 8600GT sonic for 199!

and a verudium powerXT! 80

and also i finally found out what happened to my psp, the charger spoil -.- really is funny, charger rarely spoils but well i guess shit happens! got a new brandless one at 23 dollars. hoohooo hoooo ok.


and yes, got tai chi, but not with the new parts, is my hdd. donnoe why but my hdd just zhun zhun at this time chui! AGAIN! freaking third time liao lor! Maxtor lei… how can lyk that!? i really just damn sian don want to go RMA even though still got warranty and just go buy another better brand. nabey chao turtle lor! i don think it has anything to do with my new parts.. cause problem started arising even before i got them, just that i didnt really bother cause it was small, now ar.. haiya. gan si lang sian ar!

oh well. i shall consider. pocket really is damn one big hole.. how can so zhun de? sucksssssssssssssssss

and oh yes, new themes from but then.. lyk no put which one new? wth, you expect us to record down all the old ones and do elimination?? crazy. nvm, this skin is nice. i think this is new. i lyk the color. hohoho cept the flowers at the top abit ghay. oh well nvm.

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