ah boling lei

09 Jul

DO you noe what is ah boling?

guess lar.

what? you donnoe?

actually i oso donnoe.

ah boling is tang yuan. weird right? i totally never heard of it before, i wonder where its derived from… hoh

anyways live earth was such a major event! haha but then hmmm, read the news that after the concert alot of rubbish left, and most of them are non-biodegradable! ( plastic bottles for drinking of cause.) damn lame lar really. and one china women interviewd on tv even say that YEAH the msg has gotten through to those who watch it! how lame can that be? she needs to obviously start to understand the meaning of ‘msg has gotten through’. and pls lei, what kinda msg has gotten through when all the participants did was sing sing sing? i bet 90% of those who go there was just to chill with the crowd or see their fav stars perform. crap lar.

though kudos to the Japanese, who take their ‘eco friendly’ policy so seriously it shames litter free singapore to the core can? got time go read up on it, its pretty interesting how they treat their rubbish.

golden pillow is lame. hahahah

the 2nd part of Higurashi is out btw. woot madnessssss

and jackass the video game is gona come out for the psp! HAHAHA

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