wahhhh so heng?

01 Jul

just as I was about to go to bed, my dad asked me to check sat(ytd’s) 4D. guess what? he tio 2nd prize. say he dreamt of it. apparently he dreamt that his friend live in this apt number at our old block in tampines. he look at the number and just wake up go buy.

and coincidentally, this apt number is where my friend lives in real life! yes! he live directly below me IRL LOR!

wah. how.. ‘coincidental’ can this be?!

knn why my friend give my dad good luck but not me?! bah, nvm, at least i got abit of the share. HAHAHAHA though not much(he never really thought it would open, so he buy little bit only lar), but its very much appreciated man. hahaha

wooo. what a nice 21st bday sia. lucky lucky lucky for me! my dad say later go dream of number again, i give him 2dollar ask him buy if got. HAHA

then again, donnoe is really my dad heng or i heng.. cause the previous draw on wednesday, his hp number open starters, but he never buy.. perhaps that was a hint? hoho, well my dad definitely took note of it. heh.

and yes, i forgot to add in my previous post something, but nvm i shall add in now,

its seems that its not all rosy and butterflies for me really, cause.. MY PSP ZHIUUU.

i donnoe why cannot charge lor! ccb. tmr i shall go sony gallery ask. : (((((

damn gay.

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