ar… old birds liao lor!

01 Jul

today i heard that town got many people from some of my friends and my ding dong.

Wah, singaporeans are really just so powerful. 2% only want to chiong this chiong that.

I understand if you’re going to Chinatown to buy tons and tons of gold(at least $80 less before the hike for say… bride dowry or something lyk that lar)

but isit necessary just to save probably a few bucks?

i wonder if public transport fee go up will singaporeans have the mentality to take more public transport?? (hey! save the earth man!)

(pls ignore me as I’m just jealous that i cannot go today to go buy my things, working… and have to wait till tmr. tmd.)

For those who noe me(well for those of you who don nvm, you will soon lar, later lar! let me type first!) will probably noe that i don normally splurge on material goods, I’m a very frugal man and i always weight my WANTS and NEEDS very very strictly.

none of my personal belongings(that I have bought MYSEL ie. not gifts, or whatever) has a price tag of >$100. (EXCEPT for my rig.) and about 90% of them falls below the $50 category.

but tmr! i shall probably go mad and throw away my frugal living and SPLURGE! why?

cause its my 21st bday soon! and since we’re going out tmr.. why not? anyways some of those that i want to buy is really NEEDS.. my slippers and bag really is CMI already. so anyways, cut the crap and lets see what im gona spoil myself with on my 21st bday:

1) Haviana flips, my old trail slipper no friction! (yes, im mad, i can just get 3.90 trial slippers that i buy everytime it run out of friction, but.. BDAY LAR! must spoil abit. yayyyy im joining the ‘good brothers’ faction! woopeee)

50% chance of buying Haviana. 100% chance buying slipper.

2) a new and probably branded bag. thinking of timbuk2, cause crumpler is too popular. (which i am so reluctant to spend on.. but my BAG! its freaking peeling! i cant be bothered to explain, but i NEED a new bag.. but branded is just WANT lar. haha. again, BDAY LAAR!) then again, timbuk2 retailers are rare, i only noe queenstown got? wtf? thats gay far.

20% chance of FINDING timbuk2 bags, 60% chance buying it, 20% chance buying crumpler and 20% chance buying brandless. 150% chance of buying A BAG.

3) a polo tee. probably branded. thinking of that men sitting on a horse one. or that one with a fruit in its brand name and coincidentally oso got a horse, except this horse more stylo milo.. or probably both (HAHAHA this one is just mindless spreeing.)

60% chance of buying Ralph Lauren, 70% chance buying Burberry’s, 50% chance buying a polo-T. 40% chance buying 2.

4) a new ring. stainless steel and thick thick one. not those plastic plastic feel, those sucks. ( i think i’m not fated to wear a ring, though i lyk them so much, everytime buy, surely will somehow just disappear from me, thats why i keep my diamond ring at home and seldom wear it out. actually is totally never. its a gift from my mom in case ya wondering, and yes, its the weirdest gift i’ve ever gotten.. from MOTHER somemore. mad)

75% of buying, must see got my preference one or not, i keep getting those plastic feel ones.. sucks.

5) a new watch! (my guess one disappear during my stay at the hospital from slipped disc. i only realised it after i got discharged… 😦 i already hinted my ding dong already.. haha! HAHAHAHAH~! fossil probably. or another guess. but i think i’ll oso pay part of it lar, since its i wear one. SEE im such a nice bf. knn.)

?? chance of buying? have to see that ding dong. hahaha

6) ermm.. underwears. yes. of cause is unbranded kind. mad to get branded, give who see? the reason i wanna buy them is because some of them got lobang already.. somemore that time i bought a few.. wrong size.. L but still too tight.. HAHAHAHAHA!

30% chance of buying tmr. 100% chance buying anytime i go down to my town central.

7) hmmm, anything else that somehow manages to catch my eye tmr.


yes tmr gona go MS watch transformers and celebrate early 21st bday with dee. actual bday(*hint*tues) spend with parents.

heard good reviews of transformers from my friends and some fellow bloggers. this makes me just damn excited can!? i cant wait! GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME

and oh yeah, I doubt that MS will have everything i want in this small list i made.. so ar, fellow blogreaders you are most welcomed to get me those things that i’ve listed for my 21st bday.. xDDDDDD

nvm if duplicate, never hurts to have more. rofl. XDDDD

joking lar, a simple bday greeting will suffice! 😀

and oh yes. Microsoft Wireless laser mouse 5000 is nice! im using it now. ( computer things don’t count into my frugal living. 🙂 )

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