I love ‘chiu’..! …..AHHHH! smlj!

29 Jun

moi bear bear lurves me more… she say she ish loves me more then moi lurves her . i ish lurve chiu deep deep !!!

I found this ‘quote’ when i clicked on a link that brought me to a ‘place’ (social networking website lar. very easy to guess one.) while running around in hardwarezone.

I RARELY, actually.. is totally NEVER comment much on girls typing lyk this..(the only exception is twitish, god that is total massacre of the english language pls) and if i see them, i’ll usually come to the conclusion that they have a IQ not higher thn that of a cow, and probably a waste of time to read, and end up never continue reading whatsoever, and anyways, its in a girl’s nature to act cute.

BUT THIS! its a GUY!

what the fishball mother dingdong cheecheong fan of a cheescake sayonara hasta la vista i’ll be back baby!???

argh.. seriously, this kind of people gets on my nerve the most.


‘chiu’ chiu’



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