Star of Tears

26 Jun

Your fingertips moving gently to my heart
The force of light goes on and on
The song remains
Like a haunting melody
Of angel music held in chains

* And I ask you
Can we ease the pain of those who lost (The force of life goes on…)
Can we know the cause of all this sorrow (Tears of Lonliness…)
Can we catch the tears of a broken world
Falling down upon the Earth…..
Falling down….

The waves of time take me deeper into you
A haze as blue as summer skies
We turn to find
The key will not unlock the door
This broken bird away it flies…

* Repeat

Familiar no? no? yeah don blame you, not much people plays a game and still have knowledge about what songs are playing and who sang it. i don even noe there’s a singing part for this song! haha! and apparently Im not the only Xenogears fan in this predicament, well its actually the music played at teh world map, but its only music lar, no singing.

some say the singing part is at the credits, some say totally don have? i myself forgotten about it already, so no comments really.


Xenogears is a classic PSX RPG, 2nd to FF7 IMHO. woot

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