25 Jun

3000 years never go Mr Brown, went there and found this: link

its actually a parody of those K dramas by MADtv.. pretty hilarious! definitely a must watch, really bth i lmao all the freaking way man.

somemore the president and bobby lee is speaking in korean not related to the subtitles at all! which adds in to the laughter really. damn crap lor.

Part 1:

Bobby Lee: When he greets the girl, he really says that he doesn’t know korean. The second thing he says is that he’s full. And after the girl confesses, he states that he’s sorry. LOL

Part 2:

President: he’s actually saying why does this restaurant look chinese and that they probably have good noodles when he entered.

Part 3:

Bobby just talks crap all the way.. I think. haha. HUH?

Part 4(Season finale apparently):

President enters: *subtitles say:you’re a ugly man* but actually he’s saying: “You’re not wearing any underwear, right?” “It’s pretty cold, isn’t it?” “What’s with the towel? I’m gonna have to hit you.”

*My thoughts* ok so let me get this straight,  Long bang is Bobby’s sister, and the other is Bobby’s lover, and long bang and the other are twins… so how is this possible? 

ooo… hmmm.. haaaa.. 

haha i noe the answer, let me tell you….

*stupid songs starts to play*


 …. ok so now after typing so much you understand right? good.

wah lao fucktard hilarious lor! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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