campaign my big fat pigu

22 Jun

wah now got what simi campaign protect bus driver from assault?

now smlj wtfomfgbbqroflcopterlmaoade are they doing?

this is the dumbest campaign ever. can?

hey let me give whoever it is that think of this dumb things a new idea, how about:

‘Campaign to stop all Stupid Campaign’ ?

I know now got many bus driver kena hantum, i noe economy up, GST up, property up, money many many. but wtf?

pls lar, seriously, if those morons noe how to train their bus captains to be more friendly, Im sure there will be less cases of assault. definitely no need for dumb ideas lyk this. waste of freaking money. give me i do campaign to raise the popularity of my blog better. stoooopid.

now then sidetrack ar,


we all noe how to type it and what it means, but do you freaking noe how to pronounce it?! A check with encyclopediadramatica(not very credible.) came up this:

There is no uniform way to pronounce “pwn” as it is most often encountered in text. The two most common pronunciations are (pōōn) (rhymes with “soon”) which comes from pronouncing the “w” as in Welsh ,and(pōn) (rhymes with “moan”) Other pronunciations include:

  • (pān) (as “pawn” in chess)
  • (pwǐn) (as “pwin”)
  • (pwôn) (rhymes with “on”)
  • (pwēn) (rhymes with “queen”)a
  • (prān) (as prawn)
  • (pēwǐn) (as “pea win”)
  • (pēōn) (as “pea own”)
  • (pyōōn) similar to pōōn, but with a “y” sound included
  • just as “own,” ignoring the typo. This is the version used in speech by insufferably annoying jokesmiths.
  • in some cases, with two syllables, as pay-ween or puh-ween.
  • in urban areas, welfare queens, crackheads, and other black folk sometimes pronounce it “bitch, you done got yo ass SERVED! REPRAZENT!”

It is to be noted that the only way to pronounce “pwn” correctly is the fourth example, (rhymes with “moon”). Any other pronounciation will result in eternal damnation to hell, and/or nubitude.

Well then, i normally say ‘Pawned’. what about you? and i think that the editor’s so-called ‘corright’ definition is lameduck. i mean.. pwen?! smlj.

just imagine you are talking to a friend and you say,

‘I pwen~ you.’

sounds gay doesn’t it?

I pwen~ you

oh I pwen you again!

ooo i pwen pwen pwen you.

Pwen pwen pwen I LOVE YOU!

now seriously that is lamer than mis-spelling the word ‘owned’.

but then. ED is a fun place to be. its chocked full of internet morons being dissed and details their history and some description/story. cool. bah im just kpo. haha

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