For those of you using sitemeter! SPYWARE/3RD-PARTY COOKIE!

16 Jun

Betrayal of Trust is Planting 3rd Party Cookie?

Things you should know before using Sitemeter.

I was wondering how come my sitemeter link disappeared all of a sudden a few days back, I tried refreshing all this, activating and deactivating still cannot, but the weird thing is other people one can. so i did a search and found the above links (though its not related.. and up till now i still donnoe why the link doesnt show, but nvm, its timely anyways. heh), I checked my cookies and wtf! really got the ‘specificclick’ inside..

delete sitemeter!

clear cookies!

but i wonder whether this will work or not.. cause there’s a chance that sitemeter uses script(i donnoe how sitemeter works though), and since script can only be activated/deactivated by the admins… well i could be wrong, i shall monitor my cookies more often now.

For those of you who want to check whether you have the specificclick in your browser but donnoe how:

Firefox (I use : Go to Tools>Options>Privacy(top tab)>Show cookies>scroll down and look for anything along the line of ‘’

I did a search and found it. fucking gay.

IE 7: IE7 Tools menu -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Browsing history -> Settings section -> [View Files…] button

I don’t use IE7 much, so my here don’t have the ‘’ cookie(s), somemore IE7 cookies interface is a bit weird… shall not go into details.

I use ccleaner and a variety of other cleaners to vaporise my cookies and whatever shit there is in my com from time to time. call me paranoid, but i lyk my com to be squeaky clean. (to my knowledge that is. hah)

this scuks. You know that its just not you that will tio the spyware, its lyk as long as a person’s website have the sitemeter, you visit.. you will tio. oh well.

hope this helps.

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