Gatsby Craze!!!!!

13 Jun

I just think im mad about that gatsby Commercial. donnoe why lei, but the song really nice lei. hahahaha! takuya is sooooooooooooo handsome man.

but nobody beats my Tomoya Nagase(who is also my Goddess Ayu’s bf and soon-to-be husband). its a long story how i actually lyk that guy. quite kuku really. hah. got time will post. god im so damn gay. knn. anyways,

omg! this is lyk so funny can? i donnoe who this nakai is. but he sure is funny parody-ing the gatsby commercial, the fast one especially. MUHAHAHA. (just watch, right after the original commercial you will see what im talking about.)

lol. isit edible or something? morning lover. lol the packing looks lyk canned tuna.

wah this one takes the cake. must be ‘imported’ from China or something lol.

ok… deodorant? lol

hair bleach. whats next? lol

ok…. this is lyk so lame its… bah. must support Singapore abit mah.. well. ok whatever. at least the last part made me lol’ed alittle. hahaha

btw.. i don use gatbsy. I use l’oreal or whatever you call it. i think loreal is much better. somemore they smell nicer and wash away easily. Gatsby just gets stuck to your head and really damn hard to remove. (even with hot water.)

just find the commercial funny and the song uber catchy. thats why post.

haha anyways i found the original song by stylistics. haha weeeeeeeeeeee


I think that using your blog to make money is kinda a very lame thing to do.. its lyk you are blogging for the sake of money and not blogging cause you feel lyk it. some may argue that its more lyk I blog + soonpian earn money.. but i still think it defeats the original purpose of blogging. spoils the whole show so to speak.

but that’s just me really, as long as your contents are readable, i will still read it, though you will be in a different light from other bloggers in my eyes. period.

Its lyk comparing a monk with another monk that wears bling bling. bah. bad example, but you get point lar.

AGAIN, its my opinions only, not condemning anybody out there. money is hard to earn and i understand that. you want to do what you do. but this is my blog and i lyk to say what i say(technically). not happy? suck thumb lor.


Nnbccb, I donnoe isit due to the weather, or perhaps the world is ending soon. lately, my house has been invaded by an assortment of flying bugs.. we got the ever so common flying ants, then moths, then beetles. AND! you noe what?

ytd a freaking xiao qiang invaded my closet. ninabei pcb. this is the 2nd time liao lor! the first time the bugger run into my cupboard behind, took me 4 hours to clear it out.(i think i got blog about it nong nong ago, maybe archive got, you boliao you just go search for it), this time, luckily, it never ran behind the closet, rather, it went into the drawer.. so i just spray baygon man.. so it ran out and started FLYING! NINABEI PHUA CHEEKEN MACNUGGETS! FLYING!?!?!? KNN. of all xiao qiangs, flying ones I scared the most, somemore it was in my room lor! knn pcb !@$!#!@%!#. and you noe what happened? it somehow ram itself into my head while flying i was lyk vigorously shaking my head as though i was high on 55. cb.

actually i really no balls to go in and catch the xiao qiang, but that xiao ding dong just say i got no balls, which really really make me tulalan ( pride pride pride, standard male behaviour) so i just take the baygon and one tissue paper and chiong into the room. bloody bugger no fucking balls don dare to come out! i search search search and it just suddenly pop out of nowhere behind me and did a karate chop…….. bah, im crapping, this is way to long. i shall cut short.

so anyways, in the end i caught the bloody hong gan cockroach. and flung it out of my window. cb, make me have to clean my room after that.

wah. knn lor… and i was just about to go get some xiao qiang repellent until some fellow blogger mentioned that pandan leaves can drive out xiao qiangs… o rly?! i didnt noe. heck why not? they ARE cheaper ya know? and apparently this blogger oso same incident as me. but if i were her/him ar. I seriously wont even go to work until i get the xiao qiang out, cause i noe i surely will become paranoid… CLOSET LEI! you noe how many germs the freaking xiao qiang have on its body or not? brrr i shudder to think of the event.. shall not.

pandan leaves! here i come… eh wait! where to buy ar?! DOH!

And yet! another SIDETRACK.

just watched finish this show called Grizzly Men, its a documentary about this dude that is so in love with bears that he live and died with them. as in.. died in their hands. Im really lazy to describe the story and i’ll just say that this show itself, has succeeded in convincing me to view this guy as a disturbed individual. do note that i say ‘this show itself’, cause seriously its just their pov, i donnoe this fellow, so i cant really judge him personally. anyways

this show is sorta interesting lar.. and its gona be aired on discovery soon, might wanna catch it if you have the time.

oh yeah, found this website

haha. its about how people die or get impotent due to the things they do.. in a very interesting way so to speak.. worth a read to amuse yourself. hah

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