12 Jun

ok let me first say that this two youtube video was stolen from Life is Great, Live IT.

ok actually not say stolen, just ‘referred’ from. haha thanks dude if ya reading this.

anyways, lol. One is the original Japan Gatsby moving rubber commercial, which I am so IN LOVE WITH!!!! hey that’s not bad seeing as I’m a guy, damn I just cannot get it off my head lor! then from there i managed to find the ORIGINAL SONG, which was sang by this group called The stylisitics, and now im going on a journey to search for it! hahaha. ok, its just the song and tune is the same, the lyrics is of cause different, but its still catchy nevertheless. anyways,I’ll post up the clip of the original song sang together with SMAP too. then again, i think the song is nice because of takuya, haha, anyways, i don think they actually make a FULL song just for this commercial.. right? or am i wrong, wonder if there is where can i get it. hoho, nvm, i’ll just settle for the original one..

next up, hahaha. omg. i noe its lame, and i usually won’t allow this kinda trash material to end up in my blog, but.. I just cannot resist! its gay funny ok!!!! KNN! that Steven Lim, make me really LPPL nothing to say.

beatbox? HAHAHAHA. notice that he is really struggling right at the end, with his red face and all. crap sia. HAHAHAHA although its lame, it’s still laughable material.. so why not? bah

If I had friends lyk him, i will never admit to it. really. so anyways, here goes!

First, the original Gatsby commercial from Japan.

The Stylistics and SMAP – I Can’t Give you anything (but my love)

Finally, I really don’t want to do this, but..


seriously, where is the beatbox? Im puzzled.. -.-

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