11 Jun

Do you find it abit sucked up that the login process for is abit ghey long? its lyk from the moment you type in your password and username to when you see the ‘typing’ box’, you just have to wait awhile before it fully loads.

not really a chiat lat problem, since i can surf elsewhere, but nevertheless a lag free experience is always nice.

hmmmm my ding dong of a gf is watching this new taiwan drama by yang chen ling. what ‘HUAN HUAN AI’ or something lyk that… then somehow she got this file in a format that is totally unreadable by my media player, even though i use klite codec pack, which is supposedly the best out there. (my pov. heh) kinda weird really, I guess its because the source of the video is from taiwan or china, so probably they use some file format that is not taht commonly used. so a search for this extension came up pretty weird things… its .SCM btw… and according to most website, it says its a ‘Video game console ROM emulater file’


totally stumped, and seeing that im the supposedly the com pro of the house, this is totally no hope already.. until… my gf somehow amazing found this pack called ‘Super mutual media pack’. a search for it yielded zero results… cannot find at all what the hell is this pack and where it came from and what it composes off. but somehow it just managed to play the .SCM file. albeit with a few hiccups, but nothing serious. probably minor conflicts with other codecs.

woo. im pretty amazed.

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