Raise ar! Raise ar! everything RAISEEEE AR!!!!

06 Jun

everything raise but my pay no raise. how?

and i got very reliable information there’s one more thing that’s gona be raised soon. heh.

hint number 1: some of you may be affected, some of you may not be affected, depends on whether or not you lyk to be a couch potato…

hint number 2: this service currently monopolize our entire nation,

as a result, they raise price no matter how exaggerating you also must pay.. heh.

hint number 3: there will be one very special sub-service that will be raised higher than the rest and at a later date.

thats all. I know I’m very vague, but I’m sure you’ll get it if you try and wreck your brain, or just sit there wait, cause soon it’s gona happen, and when it does, I’m sure you’ll be able to fit in all the pieces.. tata!

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