I going to JOUK ar!

24 May

lol. fucking silly M1 commercial! made me ROFL whenever i see it. the SING-GA-PORE? one oso funny, especially the ‘mumbai, india!’ part, hahhaa. trust M1 to come out with this kinda wacky commercial.

the whatever and anything commercial is oso not bad… but apart from the name and commercial, nothing really special about the drinks? its just…. randomly selected everyday, common fizzy/non-fizzy drink?

I still prefer my pokka green tea! WEEEE

anyways I seem to have sidetrack alot…. but i cant exactly remember what I wanna post? heck.. why did i even log in in the first place?????

doh. hahaha. oh yes. schoolwork and projects and assignment and presentation damn damn damn alot, i miss so many days of school, damn many things to do. ghay 😦

damn that is not what i wanted to say…….. now what was it exactly that i wanted to do? why did i log in here in the first place??? hmmmmm..

ahhhh i remember! update my blogroll! hohoho ok gone.

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