Face to Face

14 May

I just finished this show called Face to Face by this director called Casey Chan on channel 8, 1am, starring Stephen Fung (heck ytd oso got him today oso got him, what? stephen fung mania?)

This show gives me really mixed feelings.. generally it’s lyk.. a show that does pretty interesting at some part, and fucking poor lyk fuck at the other,

unlike other film reviewers i don lyk to tell people the storyline, cause well, im lazy and i don want to spoil the fun.

overall, i feel tht this show isn’t just some scary b grade flick, its really something that you can think about.. sorta lyk abit of twist and turn inside.. abit of huh? and heh? here and there, but later u just go OHHHHHHH!

and of cause some part are just plain bad. especially the ending

im pissed off really, i stayed up late to watch this show, which is a bad idea cause tmr got school, and heck, THE ENDING!!!! wtf?!

Casey Chan’s dog must have eaten the last page of the freaking script!

it was a suck thumb ending. period.

but still, i still think its worth a watch, but u shouldnt really expect much lar, it is a b grade flick, not those 5.5billion production film ya know? but at least it just makes u think abit.. and i just lyk shows lyk that, and its rather impressive for a show of this calibre to contain this sorta depth.. normally shows lyk this should just bam wham Iknowtheendingtheend! weeee! okthxbye! sorta, but this doesnt exactly fit the mold.

i read reviews from some places, and really, i understand why ppl give it a bad rating.. cause u go in there expecting not to think, so you don’t, and end up horse head don’t gum with cow butt, and come out just going WTF?! stupid show lar! kinda feeling, so yeah.

but of cause if the ratings is just based on the ending, then its justified.

SUCKY ENDING! i was expecting better.

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