hello pls call me

09 May

I received some missed calls that have almost identical numbers this two days that look lyk its from school(many different lines), and I heard from my friend that got one teacher asking me about my MC application.. but i really bo chup cause no follow up so whatever.

but today, I recieved a msg, and I presume this msg is send from the teacher, cause of the above explanation. what I want to highlight here though, is this very funny thing.

ok the msg is from hp lar but is unknown to me, and nvm that I know that it’s the school teacher finding me.(maybe) just get a load of this,

‘hi (my name here), pls call me back @ my office no, its regarding ur mc application.’

OK OK. first of all, you never stat your name, its a unknown hp number, and 2nd of all, you never stat what ‘office number’ to call. (tp office number sometimes is call out only, sommore so many lines, which one?!!?) so how the hell u expect to call you back?

lets say if i totally donnoe who is actually finding me,(could be work, could be school, heck could be anywhere) then this msg will be totally retarded and moronic, and because of this, Im not gona call u back.

I did however msg back to him/her asking who he/she is and what office number should i call. till now, no reply.

really some ppl really damn funny.

oh yeah btw, i was walking pass the bedok library today and guess what i saw in one of the shelf, PC GAMES!!! what the heck, do they let people borrow those? or is play there only? I shall go check it out when i have the time

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