spider sense tingling!

05 May

Just watch my wife is a gangster 3 (at home) and Spiderman 3( at the cinema)

ok first off SM.(spiderman lar cb. u think until where?)

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2pm

look at GV website, timeslot for SM3 got alot, took a look at 6.50pm woot so many seats. ok

Wednesday, 2nd May, 5.30pm

finally decided ok what the heck just go watch, so tried to book the tix.. and guess what? NEARLY NO SEATS LEFT! (yes, I lyk to wait last min.) so kan chiong and started to anyhow choose seat and chop chop faster go through the transaction.

lo and behold,

GV server crashed on me….. hohoho. GREAT~!

2nd May, Wednesday 6pm

GV server still crashing on me, wtf? ok fine nvm, chiong down to Ecom minimart.(oh isit ICON? or IECON? eh wtf) and used the AXS machine to booked, although couldnt choose your own seats, but the computer managed to give as good ones, considering it was almost full as i mentioned before. ok deal.

so yeah, watched the show, and all i can say is.. its not half bad, neither isit half good either. im quite irritated at how they portray Venom and Eddie Brook, he’s one of my top marvel super villain can? knn. Although I don’t really read the comics(what are you mad? I’ll need an entire room to store everything. with all those multiverse megaverse and whathaveyouverse. mana eh tahan?) I try to follow as much as possible each super hero and super villain closely, you can say I’m a half bake Marvel and their rivals, DC,  fan. Just find it interesting that the world of Marvel is so freaking huge.

Anyways, the story itself.. bah.. cant really say I lyk it very much.. the fight scenes were cool, sandman is cool, but when it comes to talking talking blahblah yada shit you! I LOVE YOU MARY JANE! WHY?! blah blah againandagain, i really say I cannot take it, too much focus on peter’s private life, and too little focus on spiderman if I dare say so myself.

you know, one really big flaw about this(and probably previous) movie is that.. well, is that somehow I find it hard to see spiderman and think that he really IS spiderman ya know? Spiderman is full of sarcasm and bs, but this spiderman is lyk the quiet type, no smart remarks, no bs from him when fighting villains..(for this movie) I mean really, that is NOT spiderman’s characteristic lor. bah

and what’s with the suit? the symbiote should merge with peter parker himself,(lyk eddie) not the gay suit! goddamn.

anyways, the villains were much more cooler thn spidey. period. except for new goblin, I’ve never lyk goblin, hobgoblin, the goblin, new goblin demogoblin whatever, I just don lyk him, his son, his grandson and all other trying to imitate him and his pumpkin bombs. donnoe why.

Oh, for those who haven watch the show yet, do remember to stay till after the credits, theres a small clip after that! I missed it, but I know what happened, so nvm.

Lets just hope SM4 can do better,(it is confirm lar, just go IMDB and you search for it.) but really, I must admit, tobey maguire portrays teh peter parker quite well, I really wonder who can replace him ? hoho. better not disappoint.

Bah, next My wife is a Gangster 3.

After about 10mins through the show, I stopped and deleted it. why?

NO Shin Eun-Gyeong!  all is about shu qi! WTF! I hate herrrrrrrrrr!

nuff said. not gona watch it at all, cant really stand her face.

btw, murder princess 6 part OVA is nice. but currently only until episode 2, chinese subs.

China people sure are fast in releasing fansubs. Way way way faster thn Americans, lyk for Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou, shinsen haven even release episode 14 and I already have it donnoe lyk 2 weeks ago..

well then, off to watch Murder princess


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2 responses to “spider sense tingling!

  1. Baobiao

    May 6, 2007 at 8:07 PM

    Got no time to watch movie ah.
    but got time to do nothing ah

  2. dingo

    May 7, 2007 at 6:49 AM

    lol. wtf. cannot tag again?


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