Free money! *edit

23 Apr

weeee! my mom called and asked about the gst offset package, and apparently, as long as you are 21 years old this year, you are eligible for it, regardless of when your bday is, the only drawback for this is that you probably have to wait until after your bday then the money will be credited into your account. The details are really shallow now so I’m not uber sure when is the earliest you can get the money, but i presume is july 1st? donnoe. (ok confirmed, it is july 1st EARLIEST you will get)

basically if your bday is before july 1st 2007, (21 years old that is) u nid to sign up by 25 june 2007 to receive it on july 1st ,

if your bday is after that, then the due date for signing up is 31st dec, and you will only get the money after your bday.

the letter for signing up to this package will be sent to you on 15th may 2007, more details can be found here:

GST offset package

Overview point number 11 is worth a note.

the only sucky thing i find is that it’s not a one time thing, rather it’s given out over 4 years, if I get $1000, that will mean that it’s 250 bucks a year, totally muncho suckage really, haiz. nvm better thn nothing.

Next up, two blogs of interest:


Jack Neo (Liang Zhi Qiang)

FeliciaChin I just think the laozhabor blog’s is better thn hers, i mean she’s lyk blogging for the sake of blogging ya noe? Lyk no effort at all, either that or her command of english not very good. hoho


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