Woot! nice timetable

20 Apr

Monday 9-4pm

Tuesday 10-4pm

Wednesday 8-12pm then break 2 hours, then 2-4(tut) THEN BREAK 2 hours AGAIN! and then 6-7pm(lect) ( I kena Public Speaking as my CDS. OMFG! lol as if i’ll go for lecture. knn. crazy i’ll probably find another day to go)

Thursday 9-11pm then break 1 hour, then 12-4pm

Friday 10-1pm

Subjects to be taken:

Integrated Resort Design and Development —> Im looking forward to this.

Security and Surveillance —> Seems interesting enough.

Space Planning —> Judging from the looks of it, probably a freaking boring subject.

Fire and Life Safety Management —> Don’t burn yourself, Don’t play with fire, learn how to do CPR, blahblahblah yadayada. dot

Financial Management and Forecasting —> ooooo nice, can learn how to save money

Air Conditioning & Hydraulics —> WTF…… I know I’m gona freaking excel in this subject, but on the other hand I know I’ll be bored to heck with it.

APEL2 —> No comments here

wooooohooooooo! Finally slack slack timetable! no more 4 hours donnoe do what! hahaha.



Thank you people, appreciate it.

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