Got Milk?

16 Apr

Get the Glass

A rather interesting board game, the graphic is pretty awesome for a advertisement sorta game, but the game is rather short, well maybe i’m just lucky when rolling the dice, overall, worth a shot.

I presume you’ll need pretty good internet connection to get this game to load fast and probably a decent computer too, but wth, just try and see see.

oh oh oh, do remember to take a look at each of the family member’s crime files, rather funny. haha though i would say you can forget about getting into the top 10, probably even the top 20, since flash games always gets hacked, and this wasn’t spared too, and boy was it obvious. hoho i just manage to get into the top 10,000 IIRC. oh well.

and the question to the last question? well, it’s pretty simple really,

if you want to get something that doesn’t belong to you, how would you go about asking for it? lol

njoy! and drink your milk! ..i prefer horlicks though. hohoho

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