15 Apr

Wtf is in Essence of Chicken?! i mean? really? essence of chicken? so what is this ESSENCE of chicken? where does it come from?

what? the chicken’s mojo? hormones? Sperm? semen? egg or something?

wtf is essence of chicken?!!?!?!? i googled and found shit. I’m pretty sure alot of people wanna know whats inside and whats it made of, and of cause the ultimate question too,


you’re sick if you tell me it taste good.

i looked at the ‘INGREDIENTS’ section and all it says is:

‘Essence of Chicken’  99.68%

‘Caramel’ 0.32%

woot, lyk that helped me soooooooooooooooooooo much. thanks alot!

im convinced the caramel’s there to hide the actual grotesque color of whatever the fuckstick is in there.

you must be wondering why i’m talking about it, cause well, i just had my operation so ya know have to drink. my ma forced me to anyways. so yeah. and weird thing is it seems that alot of adults too think that essence of chicken is good for operation.

my uncle bought it for me

my aunt did.

and my other uncle bought it for me too!

so now i have 36 bottles of essence of chicken for me to gurgle down each and everyday. HORRENDOUS!

god help me. heating it up first doesn’t make no shit diff, it still taste bad, contrary to what my ma says.


*holds nose*

PS: i still think its the chicken’s sperm

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