14 Apr

There’s 5 holes, or rather openings(whats the diff? hmm) on  my wound due to the fact that the stitches which was made of the kind that will dissolve itself thus saving u the hassle (and pain) of removing it at the hospital yourself decided that it should dissolve faster than it should.

thus making the wound ‘breaking open’ by itself and giving me the trouble of washing the wound cause of pus and greenish thingy oozing out constantly. (exaggarated)

Don’t worry I went to the Doc and the only cause of (minor) concern is just the holes. the pus in fact he said, coming out is a good sign as it beats the pus staying inside and not coming out thus causing you all kinds of funny complications lyk swelling, fever and worse, major infection.

I would have loved to post a pic of the wound, but since my blog is Rated E for everybody, i shall post up a artist impression (aka my impression) of the wound.


(click to enlarge)

Basically the wound is 11cm long and it’s the worse thing i’ve ever had since donnoe when, u cannot believe how hassleful it is. and whats worse lately I seem to be having bad luck with it; keep bathing and no matter how hard i try to protect it from water it will still kena water, make me damn tulalan. That’s probably one of the reason why there’s pus too.

oh well, at least it doesn’t hurt, though it ITCHES lyk hell. goddamit i cant wait for it to heal itself asap.

BAH. Sidetrack!

Ever notice that channel U game thing during late nights and early mornings/afternoons? where u play a series of games by smsing them and paying 50 cents?

damn i seriously wonder who would actually go and play it, sometimes i just take a look at some random games whenever I channel surf and bam wham, i immediately know for a fact that there are bots in the game. i mean, turn after turn a single ‘player’ just keeps doing the same thing? wtf? if he’s really a real life human, it’s either he’s rich, or just plain donnoe how to play the game(not a surprise as he/she is dumb enuff to play this sorta stupid primitive game that’s so primitive even my grandma wouldnt touch it, if she was alive that is)

well there’s also the possibility that the game server(if there is one) is lagging but i highly doubt it.

it’s all a marketing gimmick, if the whole game don’t have anyone playing(the bots, in this case) then I don think it can attract anyone to start in the first place.

oh well, its dumb, 50 cents per sms, press 4 times and i can get a yummy pack of roasted pork rice.

ok thats it, my back is sour lyk lime. gone

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