背叛 + smelly man

25 Mar

Cao ge is ah beng, so many tattoo. i am stereotyping. HAH

Devil beside youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. AHHHHHHHHHHH. dee watches it. infact she watches almost every single taiwan drama in this whole wide world. but still cannot defeat her anime track record.

Guy kiss girl. Girl kiss guy. girl kiss girl. <b>guy doesnt kiss guy.</b>

nice anime, many nice job with drawing the anime babes.

mecha design is oso not bad. only weird thing is must kiss to gain mp. (magic for those rpg-idiots)

well i don watch it much, its that ding dong of a girl watch one. i tell u shes a hardcore anime lover. currently watching 5-6 different animes. kuku. I only watch naruto, bleach, GITS and 2nd gig only. i prefer OVAs lar actually. Princess Mononoke ranks as my all time fav.

and i’m currently waiting for Karas part 4 onwards. gay. I watch this anime lyk what? nearly one year ago? and still up till now stuck at there. i just got wind that its gona be release on april the 3rd 2007(the day of my op! hahahaha sucks.) cant wait man! its so freaking coolllllllllllllllll

anyways i lyk the song so just post it. this one tv size (ending) only. cant find full lei on youtube but i do have the full version of the song. ok nope. is dee have it. she just use my com as storage. my whole computer has lyk a few thousand songs and 90% makes up her anime music. MADNESS I TELL U

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