GoW II. GREAT! …dual layered. not that great

23 Mar

alright, I’m pissed off. real pissed off.  it seems to me i have no luck playing GoW series.

played GoW one long ago and it ham on me at this certain location everytime, and this location was reached after lyk long long hours of gameplay? actually the disc owner was my friend at that time. (i wasnt really into ‘unloading’ games back then) and he had the hamming problem too, so i took it back home and tried, and same result. so could it be the disc problem? or what? but i faintly remembered i heard him say he got go back and change to a new one. hmmm. ok nvm that,

GoW II. the original is in dual layer. a whopping 6.61gb compressed! i heard its 8+ gig after uncompressing.. but not too sure about that. well as mentioned previously in my post there’s people downsizing the movies in the game(as a result the movies in the game suck to the core) and was able to make it fit into a dvd5. i tried 2, basically here’s the result

first one, released by a group/guy/thing named ‘hydro’, it hammed on me after i freed pegasus and was trying to leave ‘Typon’s cavernous prison’. basically the loading is just gay long. 15mins to be exact. and i did took a save game file from gamefaqs to try and see whether it can load at the last area, no luck there! so confirm is got problem. and typon’s cavernous prison was supposed to be lyk what? 2 hours into the game only? BOOOOOOOO

2nd one, released by a group/guy/thing called shasso-zamalek, tried loading the save game file from gamesfaq to try and see whether it can load and again no luck there so i knew at once surely got problem, another thing was when i tried to played ‘challenge of the titans’ (courtesy of the save game file), the loading again made it ham, and another thing i notice was that there was no downsizing of the movies and they played perfectly, with good graphics! that just increased the chance that it was probably badly done or the fucker didn’t know what he was doing.

the actual gameplay itself was able to get further thn the previous one, much much further actually, until ‘The Great Chasm’, tried to cross the bridge before fighting Icarus, and the bridge disappeared or did not load halfway! and some kinda winged thingy was stucked at the bottom of the incomplete bridge and the music stop playing. tried restarting from last checkpoint and again the loading was gay long. reset. tried again, and still the bridge didnt appear. why do i know that there is supposed to be a bridge and not that i’m lost and donnoe where im going?

have u ever seen a savepoint ‘floating’ in midair? i noe i never.

well im just plain fed up. wasted two perfectly good verbatim dvds. VERBATIM OK!  nb

I went to some forums to check it out and obviously there are people who encountered the problem lyk me, tsk.

shame on those shitbags who don even noe wtf their doing or purposely did not check properly or even worse, wanna lie and post shit things lyk : ‘100% working!!!!!!!111111oneoneoneeleven!!!!1’

bah. im trying another one by blackcats, and thats the last straw, if it screws up on me again, then I guess I’ll never play GoW again since the sisters of fate don want me to play.

btw, Euryale is one heck of a big fat ass. i lol’ed when she bam bam bigaslammed herself during her 2nd form. its as though she was so heavy she couldn’t hang on. hahaha!


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