EA play and C&C3

16 Mar

First of I must say that the time taken to log in and post in is pretty much out of standard from my general everyday surfing speed, in short, GAY SLOW.

2ndly, AHHHH i want to go to EA play! but its a freaking clementi! and held at some school.. or isit hq? SIM something something lar.

gay. why in the blue soyabanana do they have to held it there of all places?

3rdly, i still can’t find khakis to join me for the pre order launch of C&C 3! look in gameaxis forums, and its just too bad i wasn’t a member earlier.  seriously, To find someone to buy a original game in Singapore is like searching for green in a pile of shit; occasionally you get the one who overloads on greens and their fibres get hyperdrived, but mostly its just brown…

ok bad reference there but u get the point.

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