Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium War: Kane Limited Edition

12 Mar

Anyone going to Lido on the 26th at 2pm?



Got me a pre-order card and a post card! rock on! the pre order card is so cool dee agreed too, am wondering whether it’s possible to keep the card, maybe they can you know, lyk spread the word ‘REDEEMED’ big big at the back, i don care, i just want the card! Its nice ok.

My FIRST ever original game! lol I’m pretty much mad. too bad, i love KANE! The first time i played command and conquer tiberium dawn on the PSX was when i was lyk primary… 3? or somewhere around there lar, forgot already, and i just fell in love with it. I didn’t really like red alert. but Red alert 2 was better.(i finished RA2 recently and am playing YR now.)

oh, and i played TS too. but somehow i think winxp doesn’t really support it, and it kept coming out internal error, so i got tulan at it for always hanging out of the blue and almost randomly, so finally gave up after lyk.. countless times of internal erroring and uninstalled it. a pity. but nvm.

WEEEEEEE C&C3 tiberium war! I can’t wait! my FIRST EVER ORIGINAL GAME! (i noe, but i lyk to emphasis and repeat can?)

26th is so far though.. sian.

last but not least, I’ll lyk to thank dee for forking out half the money for the game. my 2 year anni pressie! haha.

oh yeah yeah yeah, i watch 300 last wed.. or was it thursday? but all along didn’t post about it. well one word: SUPERB!

nice show man, it will also be interesting to read up on the history, and just in case you don noe, the overall general baseline story of the show actually did happened, but some parts of it were altered to suit frank miller’s style of comics, you could say its lotr + spartan history = 300

some interesting facts on the battle:

1) Its called the battle of Thermopylae

2) Persian army is standing at a estimated of around 300,000 to 5,283,220 includes support troops. the large difference in numbers is due to different historian views and lack of supporting or creditable evidence. so its everyone’s guess.

3) I’ll not spoil the show for people who haven watch it, but basically… Greek army stands at a estimated 7000 to 11,200. and that is for the battle of Thermopylae. not the actual battle. confused? well noticed i say GREEK. not SPARTAN. πŸ™‚

4) The immortals don’t look like ninjas in real life, and they are ordinary humans, nothing special. just treated specially. πŸ™‚

5) The so-called celebration that forbid the spartan man to fight in the war was actually the olympic games, and you know what do they get if they win? olive wreaths.

6) The last battle, which i presume is the one shown in the movie, is actually called the Battle of Plataea. Its an alliance of Greek city-states Sparta, Athens, Corinth ,Megara, and others against the Persians.

7)There were many important naval battles throughout the course of the war against the Persians.

Well, dig out some info if you wanna know more yourself. I personally like ancient civilizations and history, that basically explains why I’m lame enough to find out more. hoho. hint: i got my info from wiki.

With that aside, i recommend this show to anyone who enjoys lotr-ish and ancient shows which is done by the creator of Sin city(aka gore, blood, a teeny weeny bit of nudity and sexual scenes). haha. no worries, its not in black and white! loool

right right, again before i forgot, my MRI scan results are out, looks pretty grim, 100% confirm need operation, doctor say slight disc slip resulted in it pressing itself onto my nerves, more to the left side apparently, thus the numbness and soreness on my left leg only.

bah, whatever. i’m lazy to explain as i’ve done it 3 times to my gf, my mom and my dad, and nobody’s interested anyway. its a minor operation, so yeah. dododododo

AHHHHH I hate that stupid grape water drip shit thing!(its called a IV drip if IIRC, but i prefer grape water drip) it hurts lyk hell ok! once you’ve done it, you will know that is the most torturous thing you will ever encounter in your life, quite an irony, since it’s suppose to substain your body when it’s weak. im such a sissy. *shudders*

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