what the suck thumbness

11 Mar

Im so lazy, everyday staying at home and rotting and really cant be bothered to go to work.

AHHHHH! either money should fall from the sky, or i should change job! i cannot stand the thought of staying there all alone isolated from civilization with a few cockroaches(yes u read right) to accompany me for 8 hours straight while i do nothing! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

what a boring job. i rather work my ass off.

see, too much of a good thing is bad. too much of a bad thing is oso bad. humans need variations and colours in their life. without it, u will just start being curious and thinking ‘what would i get if i chose another road?’

i cannot stand it! thats why I’m slacking. seriously, why isit that i don have many things to buy? why isit that my mentality is as long as i one day can eat 3 bowls of rice, i’ll be satisfied? all this just makes me damn lazy to go out and find another job, even though i know its sucky… ok i admit one of the reasons is oso i’m plain lazy to find a job.

sometimes its just u are used to it for so long u totally don feel comfortable changing job. just lyk your chuo chuo from 10 (or more) years ago.. or your watever it is u have that’s been with u for so long, will just throw it away? used to it already, and whether you lyk it or not, u already have some kind of feelings for it.

i plan to quit this job only when i graduate and go chiong mountain. but…. the front road looks very dark.

i hope something happens that FORCES me to change job. cause i am just lazy to change it myself for no reasons whatsoever.

and pls, in no way am i having this attitude as my way of life, the only reason I’m being lyk this is because i am still schooling, and those comes first. once i go out to society n start working. u can bet your shiny butt i’ll work my ass off.

argh, boring boring boring, money ar money, can u pls slip and fall from somewhere very high and land right down on me? call your friends along too, the heavier the better! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

im mad. off to play RA2! i want my C&C3!!!!

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