IT Fair 2007

10 Mar

Just finished walking the IT fair. hoho damn many people even though it was already 8.10pm

Went there to get keyboard(again), due to some incident, i bought 2 keyboards in less thn a month, shall not elaborate as Im lazy, though one word sums it all up: Messy

Anyways went there and bought a logitech keyboard, WITH mouse, and thats just damn great, now i have 5 mouse at home, anyone interested? i noe i noe, u must be asking why i don get one with no mouse, well all i can say is at this sort of IT fair, its gona be hard to find a got brand and yet don sell mouse kind. somemore my keyboard i lyk it big, and the backspace must be two buttoms. not one. so its hard to find lor. whatever.

oh yeah, the 2nd floor? or was it 3rd? hmmm… well got microsoft and SONY’s booth. just this two only, heck, mnc’s are so big shot.

well whatever, took a look at microsoft’s new vista, and well ok. not bad, super copy mac, but still its not bad. for those of u who are interested, i shall do a little bit of report for u guys.

There’s basically 4 types: Vista Home basics, vista home premium, vista business and vista ultimate

home basic is of cause the most basic lar, got windows defender and windows firewall, and instant search and IE.

home premium has the above Plus their Aero technology (that super copy mac function where u can flip 3d navigate thingy lingy), enhanced windows mobility center and tablet pc support for lappies, windows meeting space for collaborating and sharing documents, experience photos and entertainment with windows media center and enjoy it on tvs with X360 and other device.

next is the business one, has up till the collaborating and sharing document thingy(no photos shit and no experience on tv!) as above Plus protection against hardware failure with advanced business backup feature and business networking and remote desktop for easier connectivity.

now for the ultimate! the windows.. erm.. ultimate! HAS EVERYTHING I’ve said up till now, plus better protection of your data against data loss or theft with windows bitlocker drive encryption. thats it.

now for the price(the price i saw at the IT fair lar): Home basic is $358, Home premium is $428, Business is $528 and ultimate is $698.

for premium to ultimate, u can get a FREE microsoft wireless laser desktop 6000 V2 (keyboard and mouse lar)and sandisk cruzer micro usb flash drive 2GB, total worth $214. theres the upgrade option @ $288 to get a free microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse 4000 and sandisk cruzer micro usb flash drive 2GB total worth $107. the upgrade option is kinda dumb actually.. u can get another version of vista where you HAVE to upgrade from win xp or me. meaning to say, if u reformat your com or you decided to get a new com, u HAVE to install xp or ME first, THEN upgrade to vista. pretty dumb, but its cheaper then getting a stand alone clean installation pack lar. but who will buy? i noe i won’t

now who system requirement release by microsoft themselves lar

home basic processor 800Mhz 32 bit or 64 bit processor. system memory 512mb and gpu must be dx9 capable. graphic memory at least 32mb hdd 20gb space must be 15gb(your hdd and space is different hor) optical drive must be dvd rom! (bye bye cdssss!) audio and internet -able.

home premium/business/ultimate must be at least 1ghz 32-bit or 64bit processor, 1gb system memory, gpu must be windows aero capabale, graphic memory 128GB! hdd at least 40GB hdd space 15Gb dive must be dvd rom and audio and internet -able.

quite surprise to see u need such a big difference in terms of ram.. just cause of the aero technology, i mean come on man, mac users oso got this tech what (not that classy lar) so how come nid so much? hoho well theres oso microsoft office but im lazy to say it out, well i know mine cost $1088! hahahahahahahahhaaahhahahahaha! well from a user’s perspective i seriously recommend u to get it, cause really its quite dummy proof, all the impt buttons are laid out in plain view for u, big big somemore!

ok i seem to be a free agent for them, shall stop now. if u are interested get down there! there’s even live demonstration of their functions at regular intervals.

dee wanted to get mp3, but all no discount one lor(except creative.. but.. well. ). she thinks that IT fair means IT sale. which is a total misconception. its just a gathering of IT companies and to cater to people with multiple choices and wider variety. whether or not got discount is up to the sellers themselves lar. hoho. so in the end oso nvr get. too exp. especially samsung’s. expensive. but classy and cool lar.

and u noe what? I saw a MONK! buy a Ipod Nano! loooooooolll ok. im being stereotypical. now they oso noe how to be hip already ok. probably put some jing gang jin inside or something.. hoho

i lyk my new keyboard! weeeeee

PS lazy to check for spelling error and shit. so pardon me.

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