a couple of things. short.

28 Feb

1st thing 1st.

mozilla firefox sucks, big time. went to their forums and checked, too many bugs, some similar to those problems i encountered too, (Actually, you cannot say is bugs, more lyk ‘new installations, old plug-ins’ sorta problem, but.. what the heck) had to resort to downgrading back to .1 oh well, ali ali oxy free lor. wait till stable abit.. and all the plug ins updated, then i will update again


ps3 gona be out sooooooon! i knew it long ago(ok, 4 days ago to be exact), just that im too lazy to post out the full info. anyways,

link here

For those who are lazy to redirect themselves:

-Ps3 60Gb selling at $799 ( no word yet on the 20gb one)


-a ps3 party, 200 lucky fools will get to purchase it first and take part in some competition to win a champagne gold casing psp. they will also get a chance to purchase genji or mobile suit gundam for $1

– Venue is at The clinic @ the cannery, 6 – 9.30pm

etc etc..

suckthumbness for those who got parallel import. lool

so am im gona buy? as mentioned previously somewhere in my archive, i will, but not now. crazy. 800 dollars is gay expensive. ( to me, at least) somemore from my experience with ps2, theres a couple of advantages of buying late. so yeah


Jv16 powertools is cool!!!!!!!! link here

ahhh… another one added to my big collection of computer maintenance and protection tools. i lyk! 🙂

and last but not least,

rubbing alcohol + water + 3m Microfibre cloth = great lcd screen cleaner.

hohoh, got the idea from some forum while surfing mindlessly. expensive ok? rubbing alchol cost 3.69, the cloth so small piece cost me 3.65, i bought 2! the other one used to clean my room, hahahah! nice cloth ok. very soft very smooth, scratchproof, good at ‘sticking up’ dust, grease and fingerprints… i lyk! 🙂

ok thats it.

oh yeah before i forgot, TBP was easy man, just too bad no matter how well i do, i’ll still get a gpa of 1.0 at the end of the day. screw their stupid policy. oh well.

as the saying goes : suck thumb lor

right, before i forgot, recently, the mrt sucide video clip has been running rampant throughout the net, nothing strange as this sorta things are lyk this, but heck! do you know?

i found one of the clip in a DUTCH website i frequent! seriously! thats pretty fierce. Anyways, I don’t think it’s nice to distribute this sorta things around, must have some respect for the dead you know? so i ain’t gona post the link, just some bo liao information

hmmm, i have something else i want to say, but it just slipped my mind the moment i recalled… damn.. don u hate it when this sorta things happen? oh well

damn, i donnoe edit this post how many times already, hahaha! anyways just another bo liao info, resident evil : extinction is gona be out soon in america, fall apparently,  so probably singapore’s not gona come out so fast.. hoho. suck thumb. i lyk resident evil!

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