wooa~~aaaH!!! BOOM BOOM BOOM!

26 Feb

just done the freaking MRI scan at CGH just now.

totally unpleasant experience!

the tight space, the stupid gown, the stupid showercap, and the ear muffler…. and those… those…. those… magnetic fields passing through and hitting your body….

holy mama of all tua si kuay’s (holy mother of all big watermelons)

Its so goddamn loud! (hence the ear mufflers) Its lyk putting your ears right next to a 24watts RMS sub woofer. u can practically FEEL the vibration radiating throughout your body and your sometimes, even your internals too.

totally a scary procedure to go through, summore, the nurse kept reminding not to move, so i tried my best to, but u noe hor, the place so cramp sia. really damn uncomfortable lor! brr

i told myself that i’ll never go back in there again after this. suck thumbness

strangly, the whole process made me extremely hungry. hmm oh well.

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