Protected: Grrr

12 Feb

Its time lyk this i wonder who gave birth to me.

fuck it. got money buy two big big lcd tv.

no money fork out for my MRI scan which cost 300-400+. kip giving lan cheow excuse to sound so pitiful. im sick of it!

summore still raise voice till so loud when all through the conversation i didnt even shouted.


this sentence still rings in my ear.

Seriously, if need be, i have no qualms with suffering ties. does it even matter? you wasn’t even with me through the large part of my growing years. So you can say i totally hav no feelings whatsoever for you.

credit goes to you for helping me in many ways, but i don see the need for you to keep overemphasizing it as fucking though you just became a saint and i became the devil and i own you a big deal sorta issue.

i don want to sound like im taking things for granted, but don u think that cooking for me and paying for my school fees is only natural? I want to make it clear that yes there are people out there who can’t even get that sorta thing. and i understand i should count my blessing. but, all im saying is why must you keep sorta lyk ‘brag’? u sound as though im a stranger who needed help.


your own son starve do u even chup siao? nooooooooooooooooooo. all u say is i only noe how to anyhow spend money and donnoe how to save. and if you were to give me money i will spend it all in one go.
then tell me, how many times(except for new year) have you given me some money to spend?

and u say i don save? then u think all those gadgets i bought came from the sky???

excuses excuses excuses. all u noe is how to give excuses.

if you are not doing finacial well. i understand. but u WERE and STILL IS(stop lying, u think i donoe?) a property agent, you are in the MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE CLUB for god’s sake. u bought 2 lcd big big tvs in a matter of few weeks without even blinking a eye.

and u freaking tell me u cannot afford to pay me medical bills.

what crap is that?

so be if u have no money. but do u have to shout??????? all through the conversation?


nabei. i am damn tulalan ok!

if i was irrational and had a low EQ, i would have quit school long ago just so i don wan to touch your money since its so ‘important’ to u.

but i noe what my piorities are and i wouldnt screw it. cause in the end, its me who will suffer if i don get a education.

u fail miserably.

Its only because i believe strongly in filial piety that i still treat you lyk how i should treat u.

Trust me, i’ll not cry when you die. thats a fact and it will never change. no matter what.

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