Porsche Design.

11 Feb

Just got my new year stuffs, and one of them is the New Adidas Original Porsche Design shoeeeeee! HAHA! dee bought it for me! so nice of her! but i got come out some oso lar.  here’s some pic:







This seems to be the newest design as the adidas website doesn’t even have it on display yet. There’s also another one, white and red-black checkered(which is also not yet on display at time of posting)which is freaking ugly and looked damn ‘tu’ (old-fashion). So i end up getting this. and to even prove to u that the red-black checkered is damn tu, the price for it is 159(iirc.. or was it 148?? hmm). While the one i bought was 219. Even the unique and original dark green-light green and white design one oso not that expensive(189, iirc…). the original design one was nice, and i wanted to get it at first, but as what the sales person said, its damn hard to match shirt, and it was proven when i test run it. really is too… ‘stand out’ and ‘unique’

Went down to bugis street to get my clothes, i felt lyk super saiya man while i was there, freaking pack, Freaking hot! Especially when i in the changing room! felt lyk freaking suana. Super saiya man 3 come out already lor! and i seriously think there’s alot of fat man in singapore. I go to alot of shops and almost all didn’t have size 36! luckily got one have. but super tok vegetable head during chinese new year! 79 bucks he quoted at first, but i managed to pull down till 55. freaking crap. tok tok tok my vegetable head. but i see the crowd really damn sian, thus i oso damn lazy to go walking, so just buy. End up i only got a pair of jeans and a shirt…. 😦

Totally Moneyless! Haiz… went to suntec ate ichiban boshin(sp?), and went to the fountain of wealth to see my horoscope for this year how, and wealth was kinda nuetral, in terms of investment must be careful blahblahblahblahyada, BUT! it did say that i will have luck in toto, 4D all this.. but since i don gamble~! im a good boy, so oso no use.

AHHHHH moneyless!

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