final fatasy. no wait. its fantasy. yeah

01 Feb

Final Fantasy XII is not a bad game. Seriously something different from those traditional i hantum u one time then u hantum one time ok? sorta rpg. Im not saying its not a good battle system and i noe it was final fantasy 7 that was the role model for all rpg games. but seriously, everything in this world needs a change once in a while!

Mind you they didn’t get good reviews when the game was just released, but you see now the situation seems to have changed and people are getting used to it and starting to find that it was a good change.

i for starters was swayed by the reviews at first, but after playing it myself, i even went as far as to get the official guide book. So nuff said.. ok ok. actually i have all the guide books ever since ff9. lol. ff7 i borrowed from friend, while ff8 i cheated lyk hell(using gameshark) and so didnt need one. just to let u noe, i am a crazy completionist fanatic, i must get every single secret and side quest in a rpg before i complete the game, arbo i will never go fight the last boss. just take a look at my ff10. Im in SIN and yet i didnt go beat the crap outta him cause i din get auron’s final weapon unlocker and wakka’s final weapon. but i am just goddamn lazy to go meet the criteria to get them.. haiz. im mad. i know. but thats the way i play rpg. anyways,

Its fun! seriously and i dare say this will be the game that will make me go back to playing my ps2. but now! NO TIME!!!!! so many freaking school works to do! sucks! my vaan is only at level 10! i was suppose to power level till 25! and just in case u wanna know, i just got my sunstone… or was it sundisc? lol ok whatever. but im gay slow man. I can’t even defeat that level 36 wild saurion! boy thats one hellava tough one. I got cheater way to beat the werewolves in giza plains though. (thats how i leveled really)

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! and i just realised that ff13 will be out on the PS3. Another stupid reason to burn a hole in my pocket. but experience helps, i guess i’ll only get a ps3 lyk 2 or 3 years later, maybe even 5! see how. game console market drops damn fast, now ps3 1000+. i think by thn it would have dropped below 500. hohohoh. and theres other plus points too, *sly smile*

ahhh li bababababa. think i’ll just go bathe now and go whack the wild saurion with my puny iron sword and run lyk a sissy before it can chow down on vaan meat.  3000+ hp. hahahah! my quickening lyk only deal him 500+ damage??? and for some reason i cant chain!!!!! i seriously think i nid penelo or at least another partner that has quickening too.

off to farm some LP! weeeeeee

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