this is spam. by Dingobot.

31 Jan

lol. lately i’ve been seeing tons of spam bots in, ok not say lately, quite long ago already seen this ‘bot-controlled’ blogs being around. Its just lately that I’ve noticed that there seems to be an increase in numbers? actually i oso donnoe is really bot controlled or what, but just take a look at the blog and agaration you will know, i mean who in the right mind has time to create so many blogs and make so many incoherent posts? right??? O_O

almost everyday, the home page of will have quite a few funny post under the ‘new post’ section. click it and you see a ton of gibberish sentences and post in that particular ‘person’ ‘s blog which makes no sense wahhhhhsoever.

Its really time for some people to do something. oh! and don’t get me started on the tagboard.

And on a totally unrelated note,

AHHHH. finally finished my Iht report and presentation. had the presentation today and overall i think we did ok. hoho!

hoho? hoho ki lan. still got presentation tmr and next wed. tmr got maths! test and sat got psycho test. ninabei broken underwear! 14th of feb still have to hand in rebus report. nabeo smelly birdy hair.

tulalan. and what? its just my first year?? i really wonder how I’m gona take it with the remaning two years. holy mama of all pizza hut yummy creamy chicken balls! 😥

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