24 Jan

body integrity identity disorder. (ABC news)

Thats what i found via a external link from post secret. hoho. It caught my eyes because that time i watch nip/tuck and got this episode talking about it, and i find it pretty weird, so just read read a bit. Basically it just talks about people who have this sorta ‘obession’ to be a amputee, meaning to chop of their perfectly healthy limbs for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

It baffles me and I find it rather amusing. Its a rare disorder though. Anyways the article is rather interesting, it talks about the experience of 3 person suffering from BIID, focusing more on 2, a women named lilly and a man named ‘karl’.(not real name)

Abstract taken from above link:

Six years ago, Karl (who asked that his real name not be used) sat alone in a parked car with 100 pounds of dry ice and an obsession to destroy his legs.

“The first thing I did was I used a wooden flour scoop to scoop some granulated dry ice into the bucket. … It filled the wastebasket with carbon dioxide gas, which was 79 degrees below zero,” he said.

Over the next 45 minutes, Karl put his legs in the wastebasket and…

Interested? click on the link and read more then.

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