hmmm… should i?

18 Jan

Hmmm. should i start playing FF12?

I donnoe lei, i mean lately i’ve not been touching my ps2, and whenever i try to play it, i get bored within minutes, even if its the game i love last time,

must be some kinda growing up process! NOOOOO! i don want! i wan to play game!!!!!  Last time i siao RPG one lor, now the mere thought of it bores me to hell, i rather play those 3rd person shooter/fighting games…

but FF12 lei, i see the screenshots and some reviews(some say it sucks though, which is oso one of the reason why i didnt ‘get it’ that time.) i understand reviews are somesort biased and you need to experience it yourself before making judgement, but aiya, i donnoe lei, but the screenies look darn nice lor!

I just scared wait later play one hour put there let it rot already. hohoho! AHHH time to play CS. i still love my com.

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