15 Jan


Hmmm.. what can i say about this show? Lets start with the main lead,

Francis’s acting was uberly awesome! totally serious and dead cooll! Vivan Hsu was fine, Little Nicky’s Father Aka Harvey Keitel made a bit of a appearance and naturally shined. lol

As for the rest… well, no offence, but i just think they were all crap. with the exclusion of vivian hsu’s brother, which suprisingly is a singaporean! I thought he’s a phinay or something. hoho! The jokes and humours were lame, the blood effects were lame. Locations were pretty confusing, it was as though lyk they were trying to merge alot of places into one. Eg. the train platform scene.

But i guess all this was being overshadowed by Francis’s acting, as I all bad thoughts about the show was erased once i see him in action.

Anyways the plot of the story is very very simple. very ordinary, its just how the story is told that is the real main point here. The tagline: Every piece tells a different story pretty much sums up the whole show;you probably will be confused at first, but trust me, once you get near to the end. you will go ‘OHHHHHH!’. hah.

the Songs and music in the show was fabulous! Broken Orange takes the cake here.

Hmmm. a Advice for those who haven watched the show, Don’t leave until after the credit ends! there’s a little treat for you. For those who left before the credit ends, haha, too bad. suck thumb lor.

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