You want to apply HDB with me?

08 Jan

I wonder why the fuck typical singaporean guys lyk to use this typical question to propose to girls. I just think it is very very lame.

let me just list out some reasons why i think it is lame.

1)arguably the most impt reason;you are stupidily wasting your saliva. You-want-to-ap-ply-H-D-B-with-me? 10! 10 freaking syllables! Will-you-Mar-ry-me? Is like only lyk 5? thats half lor!

2) The you want to apply hdb with me ‘slogan’ is just uber outdated and uncool. why? I just don get why so many singaporean guys lyk to use this stupid sentence. if i were the garment i would have banned it long ago.

3) Its Unromantic. Period. for god’s sake you are talking about your future here! can’t you at least put in some efforttt?!

Ever since the day i find out about the slogan, i’ve been wondering what makes it even eligible to be even considered a form of marriage proposal. It sucks, and if I were a girl and my bf used this sentence, i will just instant reject. period.

Lazy bunch of unmotivated pricks.

I am just gona say that if i want to propose to my gf, i will do it in style and make it a unforgetable experience, that’s the only acceptable thing to do.

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