05 Jan

im quite a long time user of wlny, and seriously, this have been bugging me for many years, and i am just believe it has been too for other fellow users.. ok actually not say bugging so serious. just abit amused by the fact that wlny totally lyk no authority?

you see almost all this kind of forum thingy will definitely have mods, admins, whatever, but wlny is lyk totally a mystery when it comes to this. As a matter of fact, I (and probably many) don’t even know who freaking OWNS the site.

Really, they need to do something about this, I’ve seen ppl raising up the issue of mods not replying to your reports, bugs, and stuff lyk updating your account and so on.. and the most disturbing things is the 2dollar thing. Many complaints that i have encountered(including me) about wlny making you pay 2 dollars even though you never choose the ‘auto renew’ function for the membership goes unanswered too. Im not saying that Wlny is cheating money, but this is really not good for your reputation lor.

Though credits must go to fellow singaporeans, as even though there is no mods, i don really see any major things that need to be banned or whatever… still there are some who use this to exploit wlny, and ultimately, unless somebody steps in, the problem is gona persist.

WLNY is cool though. i lyk it. and i must say theres not many forums out there that doesn’t have mods and yet can flourish till lyk that. singaporeans, as obedient as ever.

Take that as a compliment.

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