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05 Jan

HAHA. weee i passed my Math for term test! nabei! i am finally back on track.(i passed my TBP too! but thats nothing to celebrate)

53/100 is just pass! but i am still happy, since those who know me know how i suck at math. Let me give you an example.

in my secondary 3 days if you give me this question:

3x + 3 = 9. Find X

I can just tell you I donnoe how to do. that is the extend of how sucks my maths was.

NOW! i can say, i finally am bucking up. Wasted too much of my youth studying, regret is of cause no use, all i can do now is study hard pass and don’t make anybody disappointed, including myself.

Anyways heres to you Mr maths:


Anyways I watched Pan’s Labyrinth already. Not a bad show. hoho

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