02 Jan


Weee! me finally got me LCD!

hohohoho. Its black in colour btw, got it for 380 at sls, + free LG mouse and keyboard.

anyways, maybe its because i’m a new user of LCD or what, but i just find the screen brightness lyk to bright. Even though i try setting the brightness and contrast.. its just… quite bright lor. I just think maybe because this is my first lcd, then previously i had a screen protector, so now see liao maybe no used to it.

hmmm. hoho, while going to collect my keyboard and mouse from the LG booth, i saw someone who bought the same model as me, and guess what? he got it at the original price of 388. and i think he got take a look at my reciept(nid to show to the person to redeem mah)

must be grabbing his balls in the dark.

so anyways, i still find the freaking screen too bright, and i heard something about a software available for me that allows me to tweak? now where the fark is that software? only thing i found was the driver. hoohoo.

oh well. whatever.

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