Keyword? what the lan cheow!?

27 Dec

Recently watch the tv and saw this advertisment on a webpage called So since lately i had the intention of changing my monitor,(more on that later) i decided to go to this ‘mall’ to see whether there’s any interesting deals i can find.

Lo and behold! once u click on the link it will direct you to a webpage with a input box with the instruction ‘Type in the keyword as seen on TV’

SO WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS PEOPLE?! as if ppl will go and memorise this sort of things, im lazy to elaborate, as this LINK here just summarize all i want to say. I mean seriously, SERIOUSLY! who the heck marketed things this way should be handed over to the firing squad for swift and immediate execution.

Good luck in finding customers! *sneers

Anyways, I’ve actually been wanting to get a new lcd ever since donnoe when. its just lately, i have some ‘disposable’ cash. 400 to be exact. so right now i’m trying to get a new monitor.

The sucky thing is, i totally donnoe whats the current market lyk; which is the latest lcd or crt available and so on..

what i do noe, of cause, is whats the difference between and lcd or crt, and i dont really mind their pros and cons, but somehow i am just more inclined to get a lcd. (it saves energy!) but still, anything will do.

so any kind souls out there can come out with a good buy with a budget of 400bucks? I just want to get a 17″ one, nothing more nothing less.(my com table is small. haiz.)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO leave me a comment if u have a good bargain! i’ll greatly appreciate it.

alrite, moving on, i read the newpaper today and they covered this article where they went ard finding clothes/markup sponsers for a photoshoot for foreign workers working in singapore, and mind you, many many many of this ‘would be’ sponsers rejected them, citing things lyk, ‘it is not in line with out marketing audience’ and so on. blahblahblah.

I mean, seriously, WITHOUT THIS PPL! SINGAPORE IS NOTHING! you think wat? your house magically built itself? litters get eaten up by the boogeyman? your windows are kept clean by the pigeons resting on your parapets?

seriously, singaporeans shld really be more appreciative of what they have done for us. I would have gladly volunteered if they approached me. kudos to those who willingly accepted to sponser this people for the photoshoot! i salute you! hahahaha

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