SkypeCast And Talkshoe

24 Dec

Well just found out there’s another program that I believe is more stable and more Developed thn Skyecast. I say think since i’ve not used this talkshoe.. but from what i see from their website, I just came up with the impression that wow! everything seems so ‘professional’ and ‘organized’

which of cause bring me back to the original intention of this entry, First off let me just be fair by saying that skypecast is still sorta in beta and you’re bound to find problems here and there.

But as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, if skyecast wants to beat other ‘telephony’ company, they really must put in alot of effort, this is really a uphill task. Let me tell you about my experience today.

SATURDAY = MANY PPL DAY. The skypecast server keeps downing, and when i try to connect it kept erroring, and when i got through, it was as though Hades just opened the gates to hell right into my poor eardrums.. I can only use my nick to describe my experience in one word.

CHAOS. worse thn a flea market!

Anyways, skype’s current strong point is the fact that they a a million strong fan base, and seriously i see potential in whatever their doing now..

call me a impatient person, but i just can’t wait and see what they’re gona implement to so call ‘stabilize’ the way skypecast works..

Oh well, off to bed. Tmr is christmas eve, where will you be? hohohoho

Oh yeah, sidetrack abit, nabei cb i realised that after doing and extending my new pass(i work at the airpot), They freaking cb gave me the wrong clearance access.. WTF LOR!

It was weird at first when i look at it, but i didn’t think too much into it until this past few days when i go around asking and ppl telling me i got the wrong clearance!

NABEI! how SLACK can those airpot police be?!!? if one of the aeroplane disappear one day i won’t be surprised. believe me. I wont.

Nahia, waste my time

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