Cooking Session — Merry X’mas!

24 Dec


I was pondering on what to get for my darling Dee while working the other day… and it just so happens that while reading some megajin, i chance upon a recipe for ‘CHEESE CHICKEN CUTLET’

So i Wakeys at 12pm today and went to ntuc for some errands.

Bought 2 piece chicken breast

10 eggs

1 packet of flour

1 packet of mozzarella cheese

1 packet of breadcrumbs

and oso some honey hams.

Go home and started by noobish cooking. hahah.

First of all i got rid of the fats on the breast(CHICKEN U IDIOT!) then i cut it 3/4 half to form a pocket, then i throw in some cheese and some ham, and i wrap it up, marinate it with some egg batter and roll it into the breadcrumbs and fry, fry till golden brown and place in oven, put some more cheese on top and bake for 5 mins.

Actucally was supposed to add Parmesan cheese too. but goddamn cheeses are so expensive, and somemore so fattening, so i decided against it.

After that, VOILA


hohohehehehahahah the right one is the chicken cutlet, those 2 on the left is my own creation. I just add cheese into the ham, roll it up, add breadcrumbs on top and bake for 5 mins. In my opinion it taste nicer then the chicken cutlet! not say the chicken cutlet not nice, both are nice, but the ham is nicer! (haha! sell lamb of cause say lamb meat good!)

Anyways nothing much lor, some more pictures to summarize everything:


The cheese is overflowing!


This is the inside, with ham and cheese, pardon me if pic is unclear, raining, so quite dark my house is.





Yes, Fucking messyness! cleaning up took me 1hour! Fuck it. but nvm, it was fun!



Yes, Dee bought me a Zippo, the 2nd pic has my name on it, pardon me if not really visible as the zippo really is reflective.hohoho. alrite, thats it for now, nothing much to say anymore.

Oh yeah, later gona go PS watch Night at the Museum. Heard from friends its a must watch? hohoho

hope i don get SPRAYED! *recollects last season’s xmas* Brrrr. Scary.

Anyways, Once Again, Merry X’mas to all you guys out there, ENJOY!!!!

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