22 Dec

Had some technical hiccups while trying to customize my brog. Luckily It wasn’t serious.

My knowledge on WordPress is still kinda raw… and its not helping that sloth is hindering me from learning more.

Blogspot is still my forte. 😉

Bahhh I really wonder how the fuck i can endure working at my current workplace. The pay sucks(muncho sucks), its boring(i practically lay my butt down on de chair for 8 hours straight, which in turn could be the reason why i have spina bifida.. blahblah) and worse of all… its just damn too slacking.(hence boring.)

Seriously, if I’m not schooling, I woulda have quit donnoe how many million years ago. Its fucking amazing I can work there for nearing 4 years already.

Haiz. Life’s tough when your pay sucks and you have tons of project piling up your neck…


damn, off to bed i go.

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