Skype 3.0 beta – This is oso my 300th post.

21 Dec

So lyk, Skype just came up with a newwwwwwwww and improved version, 3.0, and i’ve been trying it out for lyk the past 1 hour and i find that the most significant improvement.. or should i say add-on is the ‘Public Chat’. Think IRC, except everybody’s talking instead of typing.

Been to quite a few of this public chats and i have mixed opinions about it,

first the biggest and most common problem we skypers encounter, technical stuff. Since u noe everybody have different computers and this computers are either high or low end, when u have lyk 30 of this ppl mixed together… the result is sorta lyk in a fish market, cept more irritating, by saying high or low end, i’m oso emphasising on types of mic, i mean seriously, u can have lyk a 4.0Ghz Processor with 10Gig of RAM blahblahblah, but if u have a SUCKY or too SENSITIVE mic, it reeli just defeats the point of using skype, seriously. this is the main problem of skype, and by introducing this new feature, i believe it rather amplifies it. And it really spoils your mood when u are listening and all of a freaking sudden some guy either unintentionally go and make alot and alot of zabalang noise(background, environment static, what-have-you)

but since everthing’s in beta, i’m not gona be too critical about it, even though its pretty obvious this sorta things are hard to tackle.. we shall just wait and see how clever this skype developers are.

Well, as for Participants, all i can say if u have reeli interesting ppl around(talkative) the conversation can tend to be quite interesting. Lyk how i went into this chat which had a topic about traveling, and there’s lyk an arab and asian a korean and who knows wat inside talking about stuffs. the conversation is really damnnn dammnn dammnnn hilarious, since theres language barriers and stuff, i shall not elaborate as im too lazy.

One thing i find weird though, is the fact that there are some chat room that is really damn no ppl talking, and yet i see ppl going in there just idling. I mean thats lyk so lame…. IRC i can understand, but skype? thats just weird..

I notice Turkish ppl are quite active.. creating quite a number of chat rooms, (could be because its 4.23am in singapore now).. Maybe i shld try using it in the afternoon and see whether there’s any chance those die hard fan of skype(eg. china) gets to populate the chat rooms.

Overall i think u guys can give this a shot, its quite new and innovative. but since its beta, i don’t think u shld be too picky about stuffs. just have some good clean fun yeah? hohohoho

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