Do you know…?

19 Dec

Today working was muncho suckage.

The A/C spoiled and no one told me! fuckit

Anyways  read the newspaper and found out 3  funny things.


Do you know that ‘Jap’ is a racial slur? it is. so stop using it u darn racist.


Do you know you get 200% of the amount donated tax reduction if you donate to a charity  that is approved by the garment? (eg. u donate 1000dollars, 2000dollars will be deducted from your overall tax payable)

you should start donating.


Do you know that a recent scientific study has shown that circumcision helps to reduce the contraction of HIV? quite significant too. (of cause i ain’t telling everyone to go do circumcision, just say saying)

hohoho, nothing much, been playing this game, and burning my brain cells lyk mad.

At level 31 now! WOOHOO!

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