AHHHH! elite girl is here! beware of her boots of brutal truth!

31 Oct

Wee Shu Min, The Slammed RJC Girl | Women Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Beauty and Personality

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HAHAHAH! i just chance upon this on mrbrown today. just abit of surfing and i got some info about this girl called Wee Shu Min, aka The ‘Elite’

Ahem, basically i paste the link there is so u guys can go read yourself, but if after reading u still don understand or u totally lazy i shall summarize.

First off, some background,

She’s the daughter of Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Wee Siew Kim, -whose oso a top honcho with a govt-link company; shes from RJC and she’s the product of the GEP programme, a special govt programme to
groom gifted students; she’s the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Book
Prize, and is primed to be a future leader in the country’s political
or business scene.

In short, someone who has money to burn. not hers. but who cares?

So she had a blog, I said HAD cause she closed it down, due to the fact that she blogged about someone else’s blog in which this individual named Derrick (or isit Derek???) Wee was complaining about not having the chance to voice his views in the ST forums page, which of cause resulted in alot of ‘bad response’ from the general public, or in internet terms, She had her chaota bum handed to her on a platter by the angry flaming mob.

So what is so ‘tulan’ about her blog?

Well, to cut the long story short, she ‘see people no up’, she believes that ppl lyk derek are ‘wretched,undermotivated,overassuming leeches in our country, AND in this world’. etc etc. Just read the goddamn link i pasted u lameducks.

HAHAHAHA! i am not gona air too much of my personal views, cause i am not shocked nor tulan, cause i noe in this world nothing is perfect and there is bound to be some lamesticks around.

Actually the more the merrier, since it makes the world a much more better place to live in. (so that i can be entertained.)

I just wana reinforce my point that well, your blog is read by people, no matter how little, you don’t presume that just because its yours, u can say whatever you want(ok, maybe u can, but u must noe when to draw the line) unless u are of cause, living in a world where the law doesn’t exists and people can’t complain without spending 99 years of their life in jail. Cause if u do and somehow, just somehow, u said too much, well, lets just say the internet is a pretty good place to spread the word around.

Btw, Just wana sidetrack abit, mrbrown is just getting boring, ever since miyagi left, things aint the same anymore. oh well.

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