this tot just came rushing in.

27 Sep

i see alot of ppl lyk to boast that they did this, that tat, broke this rule and that rule, and elaborated accordingly, (thus so to attain widespread aweness from spectators.)

but i have not once seen a person write down all their misendaevers(there is no definition for this word btw, so u cant correct me if i use it wrongly. heh heh heh)as listed above, PLUS they add in simple line,

‘And i told my insert person of authority here about it.’

so stop being such a show off.

next a simple question to u guys.

if u are walking towards the public toilet one day and your bladder is FREAKING BURSTING! and i mean if u don get to the toilet in 30 seconds it will REAALI BURST and all of a sudden a man beside you gets hit by a car and the car sped away. he lies there, obviously not dead, but soon if help is not adminstered.

WAT WILL U DO?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

lol this scenario actually pop out frm my head while i was working today and badly needed to use the loo, and while hastily walking towards the toilet, i saw this 2 indian nationals walking quite close to the traffic.(my workplace has mad drivers. u may lose your live any moment. im serious.)

the tot just sprang out? lol. quite a dilemma for me if anything bad was to reeli happened. so goes the same to u guys too rite?

i post the exact same question to baobiao, and he gave me this reply.

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:

Me says:
hard rite?

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
maybe some people ah
when the man hit by the car
maybe peed
i will still go to toilet

Me says:
how about the man?

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:

depends on situation lor
if u have the bladder bursting feeling hor
u probably can’t help the man
cos u will be in pain
and if u bend down or something
it might just burst

Me says:
he he heeee
but but but
if u don help the man
he will die

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
but u cant
so as to say ur situation is ppless?
no ppl around?
and since u say toilet nearby
call the ambulance while doing a quick trip tothe loo

Me says:
no ppl lar
got ppl i wont ask u lo

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
it really depends on situation
if ur bladder really hurts

Me says:
yeah lar
i noe alr
[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
then bo pian

Me says:
just asking u a question that is hard to have a reply
but if the man die
how would u feel?

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
and frankly ah me hor
i is 100% go toilet
i do not know any 1st aid

Me says:
yeah so so
if the man die
im interviewing u
pls don waste my time

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
i already say wat
when i am going to the loo
i will call the ambulance
then after i come out of the loo
if the man die liao
i just stand there wait for the ambulance lor

Me says:
no feeelings?

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
probably will feel bad la
as in i cant help him
but i dun know how to do first aid
if i anyhow do
later he die faster how?

Me says:
wat if u noe?
or wat if help is just simple
and anybody can do it?

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
then u must have not been interviewing me
Me says:
wat does that mean?

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:
fact is
i dunno 1st aid
ur if if if
become if i am another person liao
so its not me

Me says:
u are absolutely rite.
pardon me for stepping out of the line Mr Fong
thank you.
our interview will be posted online soon
thanks for your time

[c=16][a=48]Baobiao[/a][/c] says:

As u can see. i suck as a reporter. LOOLL very practical reply, as for me i just hope that none of this happen to me anytime soon or near future or watever, cause i surely donnoe wat to do.

how bout u?

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