u may or may not noe..

26 Sep

Today i lyk to blog about singapore idol, as u guys may or may not noe, Rumours has it that there wont be anymore singapore idol season 3 due to the fact that viewership has dropped and some ppl say the talentpool is shrinking and clowns lyk that blardy performing monkey Joakim (sp?) can make it to the top 4 is completely obvious that voters are all freaking DEAF!

Now here is my view.

Actually You may or may not noe, but i had already blog about this topic some months ago, so loyal readers shld noe wat my views are. well this are for those new (or lazy to scroll through archive) ppl who are not too sure wat my views are, so here goes.

1st let me touch on viewership,

Mediacock, let me ask u something, U this last year + this year already come out how many this sort of ‘talent’ show? i lazy to count but i sure noe is alot, minus those indian and malay ones. comeon, viewership WILL definitely drop… find this find that, u change alittle bit oso no use, we all noe u just wan to suck dry our money, well im not dumb, and obviously we male species aint dumb too, the voting circle is ruled by xiao mei meis, thus u see alway the winner is guy. (get wat i mean?)

2nd, Talentpool,

OF CAUSE SHRINKING LAR! wat the fuck u expect? so many talentshow, everybody join, lose liao paiseh where got face to try again!? Mind u, singaporeans all ‘seh bin’ one, cannot lose face de, unlike Americans, Seriously, plus the fact that singapore is so small, Its pretty OBVIOUS PPL LYK THAT PERFORMING MONKEY JOAKIM can get to the top 4. i think if this continues, 3 years later i join i oso can win.

3rd, voting,

pls lar, pls lar, we all noe u are not interested in finding talent, ALL U GUYS WANT IS TO EARN EASY MONEY! who else but little xiao mei meis with too much time on their hands? its so freaking obvious, its pathetic. do it once and nobody will mind, DO IT 3 4 5 10 times! omg, a retarded 3 years old will oso find out all u guys wants is for the money to come in. a contract is nothing to u man, u earn more thn u give. despicable.

I don claim to sing well, but at least i noe whose good and whose not, the one and only time i heard Taufik Sing, i already noe he was gona win the first season. As for joakim, the first time i hear him sing, HAHA! i noe, SI has become a joke.

I read the newpaper today and someone retorted back to a writer who wrote about how pathetic SI has become, saying that SHE applaud those that has the guts to go up to take part in the performance. and as long as the singer is good ppl will noe how to vote.

Well all i have to say is, SINGER IS GOOD?! JOAKIM LEI!? wat noe how to vote?! OBVIOUSLY NO BODY NOES! all they see is HANDSOME HANDSOME! very JAP! very ah benG! VOTE VOTE VOTE! singing sucks NVM!

tats why i say si is ruled by xiao mei meis.

oh yeah, one more thing, all of us definitely must have some group of malay friends, and maybe once in awhile u may hear them sing, i donnoe about u guys, but to me, no matter if they are fat or skinny, ugly or handsome, short or tall, They will have this very generic voice tone, and seriously, this singing voices that they have all share the same common trait, and that is, they are good.

i have nvr ever heard a malay guy that sings badly, unlike chinese friends i have(includes me) Have u ever? to me i just think that their judging range only has from ‘GOOD!’ to ‘EXCELLENT!’, totally no ‘BAD!’ at all. weird, i guess they are born singers ba.

not say i wan to predict lar, but i think i noe who will win this year’s SI. Seriously. SI was a disaster RITE FRM THE START.

brrr… im having a very damn drowsy feeling. so i shall stop now. pardon me if my post sounds incoherent. im struggling to finish. bah

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